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Dances C


32 Bar Jig for 3 Couples


1- 2: 1st Couple cross passing right shoulders

3- 4: 1st Couple turn 2nd Couple giving nearer hands, 1st Woman with 2nd Man giving left hands, 1st Man with 2nd Woman giving right hands

5- 6: 1st Couple cross passing left shoulders

7- 8: 1st Couple turn 3rd Couple giving nearer hands, 1st Woman with 3rd Woman right hands, 1st Man with 3rd Man left hands


9-12: 1st Couple dance up to the top and cast off 1 place, 2nd Couple stepping up on bars 11-12

13-16: 1st Couple turn with the right hand to face 1st corners.


17-24: 1st Couple corner pass and turn with first corners, corners turning by right hand in the center. 1st Couple pass right shoulders and dance corner pass and turn with second corners. 1st Couple finish in 2nd place on opposite sides.


25-30: 1st Couple dance reels of three on the sides, passing 1st corners left shoulder to begin.

31-32: 1st Couple cross giving right hands to finish in 2nd place on own sides.


Devised by Ellen Ternes in honor of Celia Kirby, a dear friend and an indispensable member of the Frederick Scottish Country Dancers, October, 2000




32 Bar Strathspey for 2 couples


1-2: 1C set

3-6: 1C turn all the way round with right hand

7-8: 1C cast down into 2nd place on own sides of dance, stepping into center for rondel. 2C dance up to 1st place, turning in on bar 8 for rondel.


9-16: 1C& 2C rondel, 1C finishes in 1st place, 2C in 2nd place


17-18: 1C & 2C cross by right hands to finish 1C facing down, 2C facing up

19-22: 1C & 2C Glasgow Highlanders setting step across line of dance, finishing with pivot to face partner across the dance.

23-24: 1C & 2C turn half way by right hand, staying in center with hands joined in promenade hold


25-32: 1C & 2C allemande, 1C finishing in 2nd place to begin again.


Devised by Ellen Ternes, Dec, 1999, in honor of her daughter’s graduation from high school with the Class of 2000.



1-8 symbolic of arriving at school alone, going in the door to meet others, setting off to classes

9-16 moving through the halls of learning

17-24 represents the handing of the diploma in a serious manner, dancing a little spritely step behind the back of the principal/president, moving off stage

25-32 filing out of graduation



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